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The automotive technicians of today are tech-savvy, specialized, highly trained professionals who are experts in complex automotive systems of all varieties. With the automotive industry encompassing everyday passenger cars as well as trucks, SUVs, RVs, diesel trucks and even more complex vehicles, the auto mechanic profession is more than grease and gears.

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Auto Technician Education

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If your passion is with the inner workings of cars and engines, you can find a rewarding career path in automotive technology. The key is the right training.Automotive technicians can specialize in many different areas, with specialized programs available to teach you the basics, and give you the specialized skills you need to become a certified automotive professional.
In this section: Find out about automotive training programs, see a few recommended schools, learn about ASE certification, and see what classes you can take in automotive training.

Articles & Additional Info

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Browse our catalogue of articles on automotive technology careers and education to get a better idea of what this exciting, high-tech field holds for you. In this section: Explore some of the tools you’ll use as an auto technician, and find out if this is the career path for you.

Automotive Careers

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Automotive professionals are no longer the grease-covered laborers of decades past. With modern advancements in automotive technology, today’s auto technicians are high-tech and highly skilled.
Repairing the various systems for cars, trucks, diesels, RVs and other vehicles, certified automotive technicians are more than just your average mechanic.In this section: Learn about the automotive technician career path, including salary figures, a job description, and details on future career outlook.

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