The Squirrel Did It!

Warren Thomas Michael III was having a rough go of it last weekend. When Clay County officers finally pulled him over he had been swerving on and off of Highway 17 in Fleming Island. His eyes were glassy and he reeked of booze but before you go jumping to any conclusions, Michael has an explanation I think we can all relate to.

He rolled down his window to greet his arresting officer and instead of a driver’s license he procured a squirrel and claimed that the rodent had been eating him. It was not clear if the squirrel was alive or deceased. Continue reading

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Look at this Adorable Raccoon ‘Fixing’ This Car

Most people think of racoons as destructive creatures who rifle through your trash at night and carry rabies. But not this little fella. He is fairly intent on helping out. Watch as he gets on his back just like the humans and crawls under the car to take a look. Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Infamous Car Recalls Ever

Every year, motorists experience minor car problems that force them to return to the dealership and get their vehicles fixed. Sometimes, a large number of people experience the some serious problems, forcing automakers into mass recalls that not only cost the car manufacturer money, but also tarnishes the company’s image.

Steering wheels falling off, inadvertent acceleration and engine fires are just a few of the problems that plagued drivers, forcing automakers to recall their vehicles. Here are some of the worst car recalls. Continue reading

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Scientists Invent ‘Intelligent’ Tires for All Seasons

Having the right type of tires in the right conditions can literally be the difference between life and death. The tires you trust to get you across a rain slicked highway during a rain storm might not be the best choice during a blizzard. Driving across the country can be a nightmare. Even the all season radials can’t be counted on for all situations.

Luckily a team of German scientists have developed a new type of tire technology that adjusts tire profile on the go. Continue reading

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Don’t Mind Me: Just Putting 32’’ Spinner Rims on My Camaro

“We’re from North Carolina… First in flight, first bird on 32. Everyone else follows.”

Yes, you heard that correctly. He did just compare putting 32 inch rims on a Camaro to being the first people to perfect aero-engineering.

Though the film is only 2 and a half minutes or so long, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. See for yourself. And you thought you had your ride pimped out. Continue reading

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History’s Most Famous Vehicles… Where They Are Now

We all remember our first car and how wonderful it was to finally have the freedom to drive without depending on our parents to get us around. If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder what happened to my first car? While I may never know where my first car is, an ’88 Buick LeSabre, I also sometimes wonder what happened to famous cars in history and TV? Some remain a mystery or were destroyed so no one could ever use them again, but here are 10 famous vehicles and where they are now. Continue reading

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Slowest Cars in the World (as of 2012)

Which came first, the slow car or the slow driver? “She’s a slow one” isn’t exactly a selling point when marketing to new car buyers. Slow cars are on the small side with little horsepower (hp) and lacking the prowess growl of a hot rod.  A selling point for cars these days is saying the car is green or uses alternative power such as with electric and hybrid cars. Hybrid and electric cars abound on this list and while good on gas mileage they are short on speed, but hey, they’ll get you to your destination for a lot less money. Continue reading

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Twelve Fastest Cars in the World in 2012

When females hit middle age they get new boyfriends, when males become middle aged they buy a sports car. Unless you are content to live under a rock I don’t care who you are, everyone craves the feel of speed, the elements of danger, adrenaline and the all-eyes-on-me thrill of driving a supersonic beauty. Continue reading

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Stop Trying to Blow Up Cars With Tampons

Patricia Elyse Deshong, 25, and Quentin Adam Deshong, 22, were just chilling outside a local bar in Metal Township when they decide to absolutely trash a nearby 2006 Ford Fusion. It was during this exercise in drunken anarchy that they learned the lesson that no, you cannot blow up a car with your tampons. No matter what you may or may not have seen on television. Continue reading

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10 Awesomely Weird Car Modifications

Anyone can put a spoiler on a car, add some spinner rims or make its horn sound like The Dukes of Hazzard, but these car modifications take some real imagination. They might not be the fastest, but I dare you to find mods more furious than these. Continue reading

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