Scientists Invent ‘Intelligent’ Tires for All Seasons

Having the right type of tires in the right conditions can literally be the difference between life and death. The tires you trust to get you across a rain slicked highway during a rain storm might not be the best choice during a blizzard. Driving across the country can be a nightmare. Even the all season radials can’t be counted on for all situations.

Luckily a team of German scientists have developed a new type of tire technology that adjusts tire profile on the go.

Researches headed by Detlef Riemer at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig unveiled their ‘adaptive tyres’ that will adjust height and width depending on weather and road type. Electronic sensors activate movable parts within the tire that help it adjust to nearly any driving condition.

“That means your car is always equipped with the best possible tyre and noise and petrol consumption are automatically optimised, too,” Riemer enthused.

Granted we’re a ways off from seeing this technology on the market but it’s hard to deny the exciting potential this has in store for future safe drivers.

(Source: Phys.Org)


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