Stop Trying to Blow Up Cars With Tampons

Patricia Elyse Deshong, 25, and Quentin Adam Deshong, 22, were just chilling outside a local bar in Metal Township when they decide to absolutely trash a nearby 2006 Ford Fusion. It was during this exercise in drunken anarchy that they learned the lesson that no, you cannot blow up a car with your tampons. No matter what you may or may not have seen on television.

When police responded to reports that the pair were damaging a vehicle outside the tavern they found the Fusion with its hood up and several hoses disconnected. The windshield and driver’s side window were cracked and the rear window was broken out with blood on the front passenger seat. The gas cap was removed and tampons had been stuffed inside in the gas cap and the oil cap in what has been called an attempt to blow up the vehicle.

What’s even better is that Falon Leigh Clark, the car’s owner, showed up a little later with a man named Gary Scott Boggs who quickly fled the scene and was later arrested for DUI. Why? Who knows. Because it’s Metal Township I guess.

Oh and then there’s this nugget – Patricia Deshong is also accused of threatening to kill Trooper Gregory Strayer while she was secured to a prisoner bench at the Chambersburg station. She’s now being charged with making terroristic threats.

Just another night in Metal Township.

(Source: Chambersburg Public Opinion)

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