The Squirrel Did It!

Warren Thomas Michael III was having a rough go of it last weekend. When Clay County officers finally pulled him over he had been swerving on and off of Highway 17 in Fleming Island. His eyes were glassy and he reeked of booze but before you go jumping to any conclusions, Michael has an explanation I think we can all relate to.

He rolled down his window to greet his arresting officer and instead of a driver’s license he procured a squirrel and claimed that the rodent had been eating him. It was not clear if the squirrel was alive or deceased.

He seemed quite preoccupied with the creature which was wrapped in his shirt. “I had the defendant secure the squirrel and then exit the vehicle,” the arrest report states.

Michael was taken away to county jail while the squirrel and his vehicle were released to his girlfriend.

(Source: SF Gate)

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