Auto Mechanic Salary

The average annual salary for automotive technicians in the US is $38,200, according to the US Labor Bureau. Salary and wage figures vary widely by industry, region and experience.

Salaries for automotive technicians are influenced by things like:

  • Population density, including the number of drivers in the area
  • Local economy and average income levels
  • Training and experience level
  • Certifications and specializations
  • Size of employer

Generally mechanics earn more in urban areas, where greater vehicle wear and tear creates high demand for repair and maintenance services. However, by specializing in skills such as transmission repair, interior reconstruction or aftermarket customizations, automotive professionals can earn large salaries even in areas with lower demand for everyday repair services. Another way mechanics can increase their salary is by becoming ASE certified, or by gaining additional certifications.


Here are average salaries for the most popular industries that employ automotive technicians:

Industry Salary
Local Government $45,640
Automobile Dealers $42,830
Automotive Repair and Maintenance $35,200
Gas Stations $33,960
Automotive Parts, Accessories and Tire Stores $33,470


Here are the highest paying states for automotive mechanics:

State Salary
Alaska $51,870
District of Columbia $47,180
Maryland $43,320
Connecticut $43,230
Massachusetts $43,110



Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

Auto Mechanic Salaries by State

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