Diesel Mechanic Job Description

diesel mechanic job descriptionDiesel mechanics and diesel service technicians work in a variety of environments, depending on their employer and industry. Their job can be more complex than that of traditional automotive technicians, though they often work alongside them in standard auto repair facilities.

Diesel Mechanic Job Duties

The largest number of diesel mechanics work in freight trucking repair. These diesel mechanics usually work out of well-supplied garages during regular business hours. Most of the work done by these mechanics is preventative maintenance, servicing freight-hauling semis, larger fleet trucks and other service vehicles. They may use a checklist of regularly maintained items, such as brakes, oil and fluids, bearings and electrical system components, checking each item for the vehicles they service.

Diesel mechanics in general automotive maintenance may service smaller diesel automobiles such as large pickups and some types of passenger car. These repairs typically revolve around problem-solving and diagnosis, and mechanics may use laptop computers and electronic diagnostic equipment to detect problems.

Other areas diesel mechanics may work in include:

  • Mobile Repair
  • Bus and Mass Transit Repair
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Farm Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • Boat Engine Maintenance
  • Train Engine Repair and Maintenance

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