Diesel Mechanic Salary

Diesel mechanics generally earn more per year than standard automotive mechanics, due to the specialized nature of diesel mechanics and diesel repair. The average annual salary in the US for diesel mechanics is $42,250, with an average hourly wage of over $20 per hour, according to the Figures courtesy of the US Labor Bureau.

The highest-paid diesel mechanics earn over $60,000 annually or over $29 per hour. Salary ranges vary based on location, training and experience, and the nature of their employment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest salaries come from the Federal Executive Branch of the government.


Here are the average salaries for the most popular diesel mechanic industries:

Industry Hourly Wage Annual Salary
General Freight Trucking $18.68 $38,860
Local Government $23.33 $48,530
Automotive Repair and Maintenance $19.16 $39,860
Motor Vehicle and Parts Wholesalers $20.12 $41,850
Specialized Freight Trucking $18.29 $38,040



The highest paying industries for diesel mechanics:

Industry Hourly Wage Annual Salary
Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) $31.51 $65,540
Scientific Research and Development Services $28.31 $58,880
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing $27.89 $58,020
Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution $27.87 $57,970
Support Activities for Water Transportation $26.80 $55,730



The highest paying states for the diesel industry:

State Hourly Wage Annual Salary
Alaska $26.97 $56,110
Hawaii $26.01 $54,090
Nevada $24.21 $50,360
District of Columbia $23.62 $49,120
Wyoming $23.61 $49,100



The highest-paying US cities for diesel mechanics are:

City Hourly Wage Annual Salary
Anchorage, AK $28.33 $58,920
San Francisco, CA $28.01 $58,250
Danbury, CT $27.58 $57,360
Oakland, CA $27.08 $56,330
Honolulu, HI $26.65 $55,420


Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.