Automotive Careers

automotive careersAutomotive technicians and mechanics are employed in a variety of high-tech, hands-on industries ranging from basic automotive repair to diesel repair, motorcycle repair and marine mechanics. They may work in well-lit garages, outdoors, on the road, or out of retail auto supply shops. They use specialized tools to perform job duties ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major overhauls, rebuilding and refurbishing.

Automotive mechanics find the most stable work environments in urban areas, where there is high demand for everyday repairs and maintenance. More specialized or experienced mechanics can find niches that don’t require them to stay within a centralized location. Most mechanics become ASE certified in one or more areas, and maintain their certification by following the renewal process outlined by the ASE.

Below you will find detailed information on auto mechanic salaries, a general job description and other helpful facts about automotive careers.

Auto Mechanic Job Description

Automotive mechanics, also called automotive technicians or auto techs, inspect, diagnose and repair automobiles ranging from passenger cars to trucks, RVs and deisels. Most mechanics work regular 40-hour weeks, though some work evenings and weekends to satisfy customer needs. Depending … Continue reading

Auto Mechanic Job Outlook

Employment for automotive technicians and mechanics is expected to increase by about 5% over the next decade, adding over 38,000 new jobs. Formal training will provide a great advantage to mechanics entering the industry, as employers find it difficult to … Continue reading

Auto Mechanic Salary

The average annual salary for automotive technicians in the US is $38,200, according to the US Labor Bureau. Salary and wage figures vary widely by industry, region and experience. Salaries for automotive technicians are influenced by things like: Population density, … Continue reading

Diesel Mechanics

Diesel engines are more efficient and more durable than regular fuel-burning engines, and specially trained diesel mechanics are needed to repair and maintain them. Besides being used in semis and buses, diesel engines power locomotives, construction vehicles such as bulldozers … Continue reading