Auto Technician Education

auto technician educationAuto technician training can take place at a junior college, career training institute or specialized automotive institute, and usually lasts either 9-12 months for a certificate program, or up to 24 months for an associate’s degree. (See a list of recommended schools.)

Training is typically divided between classroom learning and hands-on skills training, with class topics focusing on various automotive systems. Students learn the basics of repair, maintenance, parts identification and replacement, tool use, and other necessary skills. Many auto repair programs focus on ASE certification for one or more areas of repair, and graduates are prepared to become certified in their primary area of study.

The areas below explore the different facets of automotive technician education, from what a training program is like to what individual classes may cover. You will even find some recommended programs for automotive training in your area. Explore the pages below to learn more about how your auto mechanic education can help you build the automotive career of your dreams.

ASE Certification

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the organization that handles ASE certification, the national credential held by professional automotive service technicians. ASE certification is the gauge by which an automotive technician’s job skills are measured by employers. … Continue reading

Auto Repair Classes

Repair classes offered as part of an automotive mechanic training program vary from school to school, but most courses are designed around the various automotive systems. Auto repair classes instruct students on the diagnosis and repair of specific systems, including … Continue reading

Automotive Training

Formal, postsecondary auto mechanic training is increasingly necessary for employment in this rapidly developing industry. As automotive technology advances, the skills needed to maintain and repair newer cars and trucks are becoming increasingly complex and in demand. Automotive training programs … Continue reading

Top Automotive Schools

These top auto mechanic schools will provide high-quality, hands-on instruction in automotive technology at a junior college campus or technical institute near you. These programs instruct students on the skills required to become a professional auto mechanic or automotive service … Continue reading