Auto Repair Classes

auto repair classesRepair classes offered as part of an automotive mechanic training program vary from school to school, but most courses are designed around the various automotive systems. Auto repair classes instruct students on the diagnosis and repair of specific systems, including use of the appropriate automotive tools and identification and handling of the component parts.

Here are some of the auto repair classes offered by most automotive technician training programs:

Basic Engine Systems – This course deals with engine electricity, batteries, starting and charging, engine theory, noice diagnosis, cooling and lubricant systems and other engine systems.

Driveability Diagnostics – This diagnostics class covers alternative fuel systems, powertrain control systems, on board diagnostics, distributor and electronic ignition systems, fuel ignition systems, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, exhaust emission systems, customer relation techniques and electronic accessories.

Drivetrain Systems – Drivetrain classes cover instruction in transmission hydraulics, torque, gears and clutches, as well as four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Differentials, transaxles and electronic transmission diagnostics are also covered.

Chassis Repair – Students in chassis repair courses gain instruction on automotive heating and air conditioning, wheel bearings, braking systems, suspension and wheel alignment, vibration analysis and traction control systems.

Electrical Systems – Automotive electrical classes cover the basics of auto lights, blinkers and sensors, battery power and alternator systems, ignition systems, electronic diagnostic and automotive onboard computers.

Fuel and Ignition Systems – Fuel and ignition courses cover training in engine combustion, fuel line systems, pumps and filters, as well as fuel injection, valves and fuel/air mixture, spark plugs, and carburetors.

Computerized Diagnostic Systems – These classes instruct students in onboard electronic diagnostic systems, including diagnostic codes, onboard computers, sensors, and engine smog equipment maintenance.

To find out what classes are offered in your area, do a quick search by zip code, or browse our list of recommended mechanic schools.